Sakhir, Bahrain | 13 - 15 April

Bahrain Grand Prix is set amongst one of the most stunning backdrops in Formula 1™. With the race starting at night, the circuit lights up like a jewel in the Bahraini desert. Playing host to some incredible races in previous seasons, enjoy all that the Bahrain Grand Prix has to offer as you watch under the desert night sky.

On our F1 tours as part of your Grand Prix travel package we can include many of the sights in the Kingdom of Bahrain. There are forts, mosques and even water parks to cool down from the Arabian heat. There is wonderful nightlife in this colourful city and alcohol is not illegal. You can enjoy some wonderful restaurants and make the most of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2018; enjoying not just the Bahrain GP, but also a wonderful island kingdom in the heart of the Gulf. Let ExclusiveGP tailor a Grand Prix travel package to Bahrain that brings you the very best of everything, from F1 Hotels and restaurants to the best F1 tours and excursions. All this, on top of the F1 Paddock Club and the very best view of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2018. What more could you possibly want?

13 - 15 APR 2018

Practice 1 Fri TBC
Practice 2 Fri TBC
Practice 3 Sat TBC
Qualifying Sat TBC
Race Sun TBC
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