Welcome to Hotel Metropole – The Most Luxurious Place in Monaco

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It would be an absolute mockery to provide services that are any less than perfect for those that appreciate the fine art of racing and high lifestyle. For that reason, we don’t blame our guests for expecting anything less. That won’t be a problem however as this event is packed to the brim with exquisite […]

F1 Hospitality – Australian GP Review

Before we start looking into the race, the hot topic of the new qualifying format has to be discussed. It appeared on paper a good idea, with the aim hoping to mix up the grid somewhat. It certainly confused the teams, with a few drivers running out of time to post a faster lap in […]

Red Bull Winter Testing 2017

  Winter testing is always the first indication of what F1 teams are going to be successful for the year ahead. Whilst some teams will look to play down their success and potential, (known as sandbagging), it is crucial for the drivers as it is the first opportunity they get to really feel what the […]

Former F1 circuits

  In recent times Formula 1 has moved races to countries that have a greater capability of hosting the entry fees. Whilst it has been great at getting Formula 1 to different parts of the world, it has meant the demise of many incredible races. A large proportion of the circuits that are in use […]

Yacht Chartering and the Ultimate Monaco Experience

Yacht Chartering - Monaco Grand Prix packages

Those that have studied our Monaco Grand Prix packages know that we are looking to provide only the highest quality services and experiences. In that respect, we are continuing the highly praised provision of yacht services which looks to bring the classy yacht chartering experience to the already thrilling Monaco Grand Prix. Those interested in […]

The Best Way to Travel Around Monaco

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Travel in style between Nice and Monaco with best helicopter service premium has to offer. There are a lot of ways in which people can travel from one city to another.  Some of the mare cheaper, others are fast and some include both perks. However, even though it’s safe to say that there are enough ways […]

F1 Hospitality – Reverse Grids

As things have settled down a little bit more in the modern age of F1™, there is still a real drive from fans, pundits, drivers and all those involved to make a more exciting spectacle. With qualifying going back to the older style format, it signalled the end of any more experimentation within the sport. […]

British Grand Prix tickets

  For any driver, their home race is unquestionably the most special. We are lucky in the UK to have such a talented pool of drivers within all forms of motorsport, not just Formula 1. What is even better than that is the situation we currently find ourselves in. Once again in 2016, we will […]

The most luxurious Monaco Grand Prix Package yet

Monaco Grand Prix Package

The Nice-Monaco leg of this SuperCar Tour is a big one, so it is to be expected that participants would be welcomed with some of the best Monaco Grand Prix packages ever designed. In fact, many would go as far as to call this following offer the mother of all Monaco Grand Prix packages. Because […]