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Our extensive catalogue of worldwide sporting and cultural events has made ExclusiveGP the first port of call for many of Europe’s top organisations, who wish to provide high-end corporate incentives for their staff and partners.

Studies have shown organisations that regularly reward their staff, enjoy a wealth of benefits within their workforce. Creating attainable targets, while motivating teams and team members to take control, self-motivate and increase workflow. This has proven to be highly beneficial to staff loyalty, morale and ultimately turnover. 

“We are delighted with ExclusiveGP’s efforts in helping us to successfully organise our exclusive, high-level corporate event. We were guided fully through the event process and offered sufficient options and arrangements in order to exceed expectations for our high-profile event. Our important business associates and guests received an outstanding impression during the Monaco Grand Prix event which was held aboard our private yacht in the best location at the Quai des Etats-Unis. Many thanks to Exclusive GP for their patience and their meticulous attention in organising our important event to the highest of standards.” IronFX

Phil Selwood

Head of Corporate Accounts

“I have had more than 7 years experience in corporate travel which has enabled me to design and deliver memorable experiences for all of my clients.”


Creating Memorable Experiences

Unlike cash only incentives, employees are encouraged to share their experiences, driving on other members of their team by setting great examples, encouraging peer-to-peer learning and proactive working.

Achieve your Business Goals

Developing an incentive programme is a valuable tool for driving employee productivity and profitability.

“Companies that effectively incentivise their employees tend to have 27% Higher Profit, 50% Higher Sales & 38% Higher productivity.” Source – Incentive Federation


Increase Loyalty and Dedication

Recognising an employee’s achievements in contributing to advancing your business goals, is an important aspect to make them feel more valued and appreciated.

Happy Employee is a happy business

Corporate incentive schemes drive performance by encouraging exceptional staff with tangible rewards. Inward encouragement amongst peers, healthy competition and motivated staff are among the long list of benefits to be enjoyed by the many corporate clients we serve with our fantastic products and packages.

“A 5% increase in employee retention can generate a 25% to 85% increase in profitability.” Source – DCR Strategies

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