Amber Lounge in Monaco

The Amber Lounge in Monaco is an experience many people attending the Grand Prix would love to treat themselves to. Any Grand Prix package that includes the Amber Lounge is one people can’t resist purchasing because they know it will only enhance their experience. In business for more than a decade, it has been the site of many exciting after parties. Here are some facts about the lounge.

Charity Events

Many charity events have been held at Monaco’s Amber Lounge since it opened its doors. Collectively, the events held here have earned more than $3.7 million that has gone to many good causes. The charity events that have been held here have gone down in history for various reasons, one reason being that during a friendly bidding contest at the venue a young lady who would later go on to become a princess was bidding against an individual gentlemen. The excitement that was caused by the friendly bidding contest gave the charity event a unique energy.

Some of the world famous charities that the Amber Lounge in Monaco held events for include Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund, the Special Olympics and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. There is rarely a good cause that the Amber Lounge will not support and they always try their best to ensure that as much of the funds raised at their charity events go to the actual charities as possible. Corporations and even wealthy individuals can become an official partner in the efforts of the Amber Lounge to raise money for worthy charities.

Amber LoungeAn Anniversary Celebration

When Monaco’s Amber Lounge celebrated their 10 year anniversary in 2013 the Grand Prix Ultimate VIP Experience offered by the lounge was held in four different countries on four different weekends. During their celebration, there was also a weekend event held in the United States, in Austin Texas. This event drew a number of high profile celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey and Gerard Butler. The Amber Lounge has helped people all over the world when it comes to celebrating races in Monaco, Singapore and more.

Functions of the Amber Lounge

The Amber Lounge has many different functions, such as hosting fashion shows, nightclubs and fine dining. Amber Lounge Fashion Shows have been held since 2006 that have brought together the fashion world and the racing world. Amber Lounge nightclubs feature famous musicians and DJs to keep the party going all night long. Those in attendance are treated to delicious classic champagne and other refreshing adult beverages. The music that is played in the club is a mix of the best in R&B, pop and rock music in an attempt to appeal to almost everyone’s taste. Every dining experience at the Amber Lounge in Monaco involves unlimited access to the finest wines in the world as well as world class dishes prepared with gourmet ingredients and a five star level of service from the wait staff, sealing the reputation of the lounge.

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