Monaco Grand Prix

25th – 28th May 2017

Famous people from Monaco now include two more Formula One Drivers as McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have left Switzerland and Guernsey respectively and headed for the sunshine of Monaco. Of course, the sunshine is the smaller part of why they decided to become the latest famous Monaco residents; the generous tax laws probably had more to do with it.

So, this years’ Monaco Grand Prix race was a ‘home’ race for both of them, and the number of F1 Grand Prix Drivers who lives in Monaco is steadily growing. Button and Hamilton are now part of a British f1 Driver racing community that includes former McLaren driver David Coulthard who owns the Columbus Hotel and Force India’s Paul Di Resta plus many other F1 drivers.

The Columbus F1 Hotel is a chic hotel that attracts almost all the F1 Drivers to stay during the Monaco Grand Prix. It attracts both famous people from Monaco – F1 Drivers and other famous Monaco residents who lives in Monaco – and other famous people who come to see the Monaco Grand Prix.

Hamilton left Britain for Geneva and then Zurich for both privacy and tax reasons before coming to join other famous Monaco residents. The Monaco Grand Prix 2008 winner said that Switzerland was exceptionally beautiful, but it wasn’t exciting enough for a 27 year old. He bemoaned the fact that, in Switzerland it took a long time to get anywhere; half an hour just to get to the gym and an age to get to a decent restaurant.

“Here it’s sunny every day which makes a big difference, there are great restaurants a couple of minutes from where I live, there’s a gym where I live, there’s a pool.”“Since I’ve been here I’ve been much happier. ..I run around the track almost every day and it’s incredible to run around your favourite circuit every day.” “I go through the tunnel and I just cannot believe that I’m here…You have to pinch yourself every day, thinking ‘Wow. I’m running through the tunnel that greats like Michael (Schumacher) and Ayrton (Senna) used to race around and now I’m one of those drivers but also living here.”

Button was one of the famous people living in Monaco previously but left for Guernsey, but the damp weather was too much for him and he returned to the Principality in February. “Last week I was out on the bike five times in seven days, and that for me is just perfect,” the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix winner said. “Spending time outside is what I love. I’m an outdoors person, and the weather here has been good. In Guernsey it rains a lot, and I can’t see where I’m going because of the clouds.”

“I do love Guernsey as a place but I think they’ve had the worst year of weather in 22 years, and I struggled with that a little.They will fit in well with other celebrities living in Monaco. As well as the entourage of F1 Drivers you might also see other famous Monaco residents like Shirley Bassey, Ringo Starr, U2 rock star Bono, Roger Moore, Mick Hucknall, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou of easyJet, Mohamed Al Fayed and Philip Green.

In this tiny principality of less than two square miles you will need a celebrity bank balance to afford to live here. A glass of champagne costs nearly 30 euros and a meal and a bottle of wine at Alain Ducasse’s three star restaurant will set you back about £1000. Something only famous people from Monaco, super rich and famous Monaco residents can afford.


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