Monday 27th August – Monday 3rd September 2018

Italy is the home of many luxurious and prestigious car manufacturers, which makes it the perfect des na on for our (brand new) 2018 elite Supercar Tour – Monza. Beginning the tour on the picturesque Amal Coast, a fleet of supercars will travel along some of the most stunning roads in Italy.

You will enjoy our carefully selected luxurious hotels as well as dining at (only) the best restaurants along the way. We will also take you from behind the wheel to the birthplace of Ferrari to understanding it’s rich history before finishing the tour with a sensational weekend at the Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken D’Italia 2018.

In partnership with Carbon Champagne



2018 Tour Package Includes

7 Day Supercar Tour

  • Day 1 – Monday 27th August
  • Supercar Check-In
  • Safety Briefing & Welcome Dinner
  • 1 Night Stay Hotel Santa Caterina
  • Day 2 – The tour sets off along the picturesque Amalfi Coast
  • Lunch –  Niko Romito (3 Michelin Star Restaurant***)
  • Afternoon drive through Italian countryside to Rome
  • 1 Night Stay at Hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese
  • Michelin Star Evening Dinner **
  • Day 3 – Depart Rome to National Park of Bracciano Martignano
  • Lunch – Castello Di Velona Resort
  • After lunch, drive along the famous wine route of Val’ Orcia
  • 1 Night Stay at Castello Del Nero, Tuscany
  • Michelin Star Evening Dinner ‘La Torre Restaurant’ *
  • Day 4 – Depart Tuscany drive north towards Florence
  • Lunch – Ferrari Museum, Maranello
  • 1 Night Stay at Grand Hotel Majestic Gia Baglioni in Bologna
  • Evening Dinner at the Famous Carracci Restaurant
  • Day 5 – Depart Bologna, drive to Lake Garda
  • Lunch stop – Villa Feltrinelli Lake Garda (2 Michelin-starred)**
  • Final afternoon drive from Lake Garda to Milan
  • 3 Night Stay Armani Hotel Milan
  • Day 6 & 7 – 2 days Hospitality at the Italian Grand Prix (F1Experiences Legends)
  • VIP Transfers in Milan
  • Private podium Visit
  • Sunday – Podium Ceremony Access !!!!
  • Vehicle valeting service
  • Luggage Vehicles
  • Navigation iPads (Pre-loaded with route)
  • In-car radio/walkie-talkie


  • Comfort & Spa Pack
  • Optional vehicle-return transportation to the UK

Package Price

  • Package price driving your own supercar £14,915 pp
  • Package price with a hired supercar from £17,761 pp